Style Fitting

What length and arm length do I need in a weatherproof jacket? With which neoprene wetsuit are my swim and change times best at triathlon?

All of these questions are primarily related to the anthropometrics, volumes and biomechanical requirements of the athlete.

Body Scanning CRM delivers the answers.

Accurate clothing in seconds

The Body Scanning CRM My Shell project scans approximately 1 million body points in a seven-second scanning process. The scanner head moves past the body twice during this time. From the point cloud obtained, the measures relevant to the garment are extracted by mathematical methods. The calculation process takes only three seconds, making it the fastest calculation algorithm for body measurements. The technology that allows this speed is called Dynamic Region of Interest (Dynamic ROI).

Case Studies

R’ADYS – Weather Protection Jackets & Pants

Design Follows Performance: The R’ADYS product idea was born out of a passion for outdoor and endurance sports. The demands on the textile equipment are particularly high here. It is important to keep the balance between weather protection and intelligent performance support permanently. The optimal regulation of the body climate in changing load situations plays thereby the central role. Insulation, breathability, lightweight, freedom of movement and a good feeling on the skin – none of the factors must be neglected.

The plan to perfect outdoor clothing without compromise while keeping a fair price line has been successfully designed over the past three years as a modular program for a very wide range of applications. At the same time, the aspects of appearance and style are by no means undervalued: the typical R’ADYS design reflects the high sensitivity for performance with harmonious colors, harmonious cuts and particularly sporty lines.

As a future-oriented focus was the perfect adaptation of the clothing to the body of the athlete defined. R’ADYS is the first outdoor brand to use Body Scanning CRM for size determination. Within seven seconds, a network consisting of a total of 1 million distance points will be recorded in order to be able to assign the many standard sizes of the R’ADYS collection.

But body scanning CRM is not just a measuring instrument. The online connection via the Gear Selector to the R’ADYS merchandise management system enables an integrated sales process from the evaluation, via the product determination and the availability check through to the online order request. All scanned persons thus have the opportunity to order R’ADYS clothing online via their retailer with a high pass probability, even retrospectively.

Police Cantonale – deployment clothing for the Swiss police

Body scanning solved the time-consuming sample fitting.