What would be the correct length for the sleeve of my all-weather jacket? Which neoprene wetsuit will get me the best results in my next triathlon?

All these questions relate to an athlete’s “anthropometry” – the measurement of the human individual for the purpose of understanding human physical variation.

Body Scanning CRM has the answers.

What’s your Size?
Body Scanning CRM

All Weather Jackets & Pants

3D-modell of a scanned bodyIn just seven seconds the Body Scanning CRM My Shell scans in about 1 million body points. During this process the scanner head moves along the body twice. From the total amount of gathered points the software extracts the measurements that are relevant for the clothing item. The calculation process lasts only three seconds and is the quickest existing calculation algorithm for body measurements. The technology that makes this speed possible is called “dynamic region of interest” (dynamic ROI).

At this moment the software is being optimised for all-weather jackets & pants, as well as for extreme purposes; triathlon (including neoprene suits) and compression clothing.

R’ADYS: Design follows Performance

The product idea for R’ADYS is purely inspired by the passion for outdoor and endurance sports. The demands on this type of clothing are extremely high. The challenge is to find the right balance between weather protection and functionality supporting the performance. The best possible regulation of body climate under various strenuous circumstances is crucial. Factors like insulation, ventilation, weight, freedom of movement and good feel on the skin must be taken into consideration.

Outdoor-clothing has to support the body climate under extreme weather conditionsDuring the past 3 years outdoor sport clothing for a wide range of purposes has been perfected, while keeping a good cost/performance ratio. In this concept the visual aspect is by no means forgotten: the typical R’ADYS design unites the high level of performance and purpose with fashionable colours and sportive lines.

R’ADYS is the first outdoor clothing brand that uses the benefits of Body Scanning CRM to determine the exact size of clothing. During this scan of seven seconds a virtual net of 1 million body points is built in order to match the body with the many different standard sizes that R’ADYS offers. Once scanned the customer has the possibility to order R’ADYS clothing on-line that will fit perfectly.

That way Body Scanning CRM is not just a measuring instrument: The on-line Gear Selector system as a universal sales process is a valuable tool for customer retention.

Further information: www.radys.com