Scan your feet intelligent

The human foot has 20 bones in it. The evolutionary process has perfected these bones over millions of years; their shape and alignment have become perfectly adapted to their function. Scan Your Feet intelligently optimises the biomechanical demands made on the shoe, while also achieving peak performance. This applies to running and walking as well as cycling shoes.

Body Scanning CRM to scan the feet.The shape of the foot and the footprint are analyised in a two-phased scanning process.A two-phase scanning process makes a detailed analysis of every biomechanical feature of the foot. The first phase delivers an exact analysis of the surface of the foot touching the ground under a person’s body weight. This is a purely physical procedure, based on a mathematical gradient analysis, to examine the contact points of the sole. The centres of gravity are calculated, indicated and added up. The software assigns the individual foot types: hollow; splayed; flat, etc., while the sales representative and the athlete are merely required to control the functions during the process. The second phase determines the exact volume of the foot.

The Body Scanning CRM Scan your feet Software analises the shape of the foot.With the help of the analysed data the ideal shoe is found.The combination of anthropometric data, volume calculation and biomechanical factors result in a formula of individual requirements for each athlete. The software then matches these requirements with shoes on the market.