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Note on bicycle adjustment

Ergonomic bicycle adjustment can support therapy (treatment) of muscle dysbalance or dysfunction. Consult a physician, orthopaedic specialist or physiotherapist on this.

XX Production online GmbH and Logisch! consulting GmbH don’t guarantee for your well-being during the use of your bicycle. The bicycle adjustment should exclusively be done by a qualified specialised bicycle dealer with an appropriate workshop.

Furthermore it is obligatory to check in what way the bicycle in question is adjustable. The suggested bicycle adjustment is based on the scanning / measuring of your biometric data that are relevant for the ergonomic adjustment of your bicycle.

The bicycle adjustment is the result of extended research and development in the field of ergonomics. Europe and the US around 1.000.000 people per year are being scanned with Body Scanning CRM. That means that millions of cyclist are already using the results of the scans.

Picture credits

The pictures of the series “Athletes” are by Howard Schatz. The question “What’s your size?” and the answer “Body Scanning CRM” have been added.

With this picture Body Scanning CRM My Shell was one of the most popular destinations at the special exhibition at the Heinz Nixdorf Forum (HNF) in Paderborn, Germany, “Body Scanning: CRM My Shell’


Michael Klöpzig