Junior Scanning

Adjusting Bicycles for Children.

Junior Scanning provides safe, healthy and ergonomic settings and adjustments of children’s bikes.

Junior Scanning - Measuring the handJunior Scanning collects the most important body measurements for determining the correct ergonomic adjustments for children.
To correctly adjust the brakes on a child’s bicycle, it is important to measure the grip-range of the child’s hand. Hands steer the bicycle, but they also control the brakes. Therefore, if the distance between the brake lever and the handlebar is too big, braking can be difficult or restricted. Junior Scanning measures the grip-range of a child using a grip stencil to calculate the appropriate distance between the handlebar and brake lever.

Junior Scanning - Growth chatThe step towards a bigger bicycle size at the right time is another determining factor for the safety and health while riding. For parents, the purchase of a bicycle for their child is an important decision. Junior Scanning provides fundamental knowledge about growth factors affecting different age groups. A special growth chart in junior Scanning shows the average body height at different ages.

Body Scanning CRM - Junior ScanningJunior Scanning provides a valuable and influential life experience for children: they are taken seriously, and their emotional preferences and physical abilities are taken into consideration. Junior Scanning provides parents with superior product support and information, while helping to create a strong basis for consumer confidence.